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Our Partners & Collaborators

"When I first began having sessions with Sara, I was feeling very uncertain about what direction I wanted to take in my life. I was not living happily in the present: rather, I was worried about the future. On our first session, Sara skillfully helped me identify my values by asking me great questions and really hearing the heart of what I was saying. I blurted out a lot so this was no easy accomplishment! The following sessions, Sara continued to impress me by how well she heard what I was saying, activities that she had me try, and by reaching the goals set each time. After six sessions, I noticed myself feeling truly happy, spontaneous, and living in the present. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve felt this great! She has supported me in breaking negative thinking patterns and feeling empowered for the future."

Fiona Spence
English School Teacher, Saudi Aramco

"I am a great believer in Coaching. In fact, I worked with my team previously to institutionalize a coaching culture in the company, and this initiative brought with it significant improvements. Having a person in your life that you can share your emotions and challenges, a person that is not there to solve your issues but to help you see the way by asking simple questions and challenging your state of mind. Sara had been that person to me during my change journey. Her kindness and calmness suits me very well. She helps me rationalize my thinking process to better approach challenges. Thank you so much, Sara for being such a great person. May god bless you always. "

Dana Bukhammas
Chief Human Resources Advisor, BAPCO Bahrain Petroleum Company

"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Sara Alotaibi as my Coach over the past year. The experience was truly transformational as she helped me recognize many of my blind spots and unaddressed saboteurs. Her style is very empathetic and she listens attentively before offering her feedback. What I enjoyed the most is the combination of her expertise and enthusiasm. She is a coach that is truly present with her client and makes the whole coaching experience enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend Sara Al-Otaibi as a coach!"

Salman Amjad
ICF PCC, CPCC, Director of Innovation and Development, ICF Board of Directors, and Coaching Culture Council, Coaching in Organizations, Saudi Arabia

"I found Sara at the right time in my life... Sara showed me how to self-heal, move forward in life, how to put all of my priorities in one path and changed many of my beliefs. I felt reborn! I began to believe in myself and realized that I have power inside me to manifest my goals and dreams and Sara helped me to use that power. Since working with Sara, a lot of amazing things have happened. I now understand the magic of meditation and am more aware of the messages I receive in life. I’m more conscious of what's happening around me and in my dreams and am able to connect the dots of what everything means. I was able to manifest big things! I got a promotion! It was my goal to get a promotion, and I received one when I least expected it. I’ve also manifested an expensive necklace I saw at the store. My husband bought me the necklace, but he had no idea that I wanted that specific necklace! More Miracles keep happening in my life and I'm so grateful and blessed to have her as my coach."

Rana Al-Majed
Director of Human Resources, ZAIN Bahrain

"Sara and her coaching program are the best thing that’s happened to me. Not only did it open the doors to law of attraction but with Sara’s help and expertise I was able to quickly manifest important changes in my life, that I had been wanting for years. Now I've gained so much clarity, and confidence. During the program I even manifested new business opportunities, and discovered my passion to develop myself as a coach. With the tools Sara’s taught me, I am seeing more of my dreams come true. Her unique ability to understand your needs, and skill in helping you gain what you want, is priceless. I am so grateful for her as today I am in a much better place in my life. Thank you Sara!! "

Preeti Bath
Founder and CEO, Dwelling Solutions, London UK

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